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Snill mot kroppen! #5

What contains the package?

In my last post I told about I would today tell more about two products I use for dinner. Unfortunately, I now realize that the two products do not become special for dinner, but to use at any time of the day. Not least, the two products I will talk about in this post are called Lift and Complete Mix.
Snill mot kroppen! #5


LIFT: This is a brand-new product from Juice Plus+. They say that you can get most out of the day, and I can only agree. Lift is an energy drink that cannot be compared to any other energy drink. Like all other Juice Plus+ products, Lift also consist of fruits and vegetables, not added sugar and, among other things, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and B9. The combination may sound strange and you probably think it can’t taste good. At least I was so skeptical, but after trying Lift I was very surprised. It tasted 1000 times better than I thought!
Recommendations are to use one energy disc every day and stir them with 240ml of water. I prefer a water bottle of 500ml. This tastes a little better I think. Because Lift is packed in small and individual bags, it is easy to take them on the road. We can certainly find water bottles anywhere, so we can get extra energy anytime we need it the most!
One Lift order contains 2 tubes a 30-energy discs each tube. That will be enough for two months with extra energy! Thus, the Lift tubes are very beautiful 😉
Snill mot kroppen! #5

Complete Mix

COMPLETE MIX: Do you want shakes with more flavor and it must be healthy? I can certainly recommend taking Complete Mix. Nevertheless, Computer Mix can be used well after workouts or making meals, such as pancakes. We have very delicious recipes for making other meals or use it with Lift! I often use Complete Mix with frozen fruit mix (largely a combination of banana, spinach and clementine’s), a spoon Complete Mix and water. A spoon is included in the order.
Delivery can consist of 6 x bags with chocolate flavor, 6 x bags with vanilla flavor or a mix of both (3 x bags with chocolate flavor and 3 x bags with vanilla flavor)
ADDIDTIONAL INFORMATION: In previous posts I described other Juice Plus+ products that I use and how they have helped me. In case you have missed a post, no problem. This is a brief overview:

You can find more information about the products on my personal Juice Plus+ website. If you still have unanswered questions, do not hesitate and write a comment in the comment box below.

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