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Snill mot kroppen! #4

Tastefully breakfast with extra fruit and vegetables!

With two parts to go of «what contains the package?», there are two things I want to clarify. At first, the described products are not for replacing meals and it is not a diet. Everybody needs variation and sometimes something extra. That is why I’m against «crush diets». Especially diets where one must eat less and suffer from hunger. So, if this was a diet, then I would never think about to use these products at all.
Secondly, I still eat what I normally eat. The difference is that I eat less and mine chooses are healthier. The reason is that these products are like a first aid kit. By using it right it can give beautiful results. But… it’s depends also on what you do in addition! That I lose more than ten kilos is also because I take daily walks. Yes, the beginning was difficult but not that difficult because I did it together with a big and fantastic team. We help each other very good with every question we have. In addition, we give each other good tips, motivation and tastefully recipes! If you are interested about the products or the team, please let me know. Furthermore, we are looking for new team members. A CV is not needed, only good teamwork and motivation 😉
ADDIDTIONAL INFORMATION: In previous posts I described other Juice Plus+ products that I use and how they have helped me. In case you have missed a post, no problem. This is a brief overview:

You can find more information about the products on my personal Juice Plus+ website. If you still have unanswered questions, do not hesitate and write a comment in the comment box below.

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