SMK! #1 | A new adventure!? 🇬🇧

Snill mot kroppen! #1

From left to right: 55,5 kilo in 2012 | 86,5 kilo in December 2018 | 77 kilo today

Hello again on my blog! After a month of silence I start directly with a new adventure… ”snill mot kroppen” (kind to your body in English) The reason is that I’m tired to just gain weight. Candy, soda, fast food… Surely you can finish the list. In fact, not so strange that we go up in weight, is it? But how can we change these “unhealthy things” into salads, apples, water or a healthy smoothie?
Well. I do it very well. In December 2018, the weight scale showed me 86.5 kilo. For me, a clear signal to come to action. In just two months I arrived, now mid-February, a 79.5 kilo weight – 7 kilo loss! Absolutely amazing, right? To make everything even more incomprehensible. After I started taking a trip every morning, I am now, at the end of February, at 77 kilo – 9,5 kilo less!
With around 22 kilos to go I would first emphasize that this is not a race. It takes patience, motivation and knowledge. My secret, how I came so far, I’d like to share. Inspire and helping people! Therefore, the idea of starting this new series has come. In the next chapters I will tell you more about what I eat or drink each day. Also, I will tell important things to remember and much more interesting secrets. One secret I can already share: start to see what you eat. Some things are unhealthier than we think while other things are very good, but we let them stand. Why? If we try to start eating more healthier, the rest will surly come afterword. Simply said, be kind to your body. Treat them right, you have just one body!
ADDIDTIONAL INFORMATION: In the upcoming posts I shall described Juice Plus+ products that I use and how they have helped me. This is a brief overview what will come next:

  • SMK! #2: In the next post I shall tell more about Capsules & Bars
  • SMK! #1: This post


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