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A thing I’ll becoming more aware of is that I can get overwhelmed quickly. People, stuff, to-do-lists to name something. Everything begins spinning around me. I get frustrated and want to run away from it. One way that help me dealing with this challenge is the podcast “The Minimalists”. Because they are in many ways so dawn right!
To be clarified. Minimalism is not about having nothing or living in tiny empty houses. It’s about having just those things what gives you a lot of value. Making deliberate choices and getting more out of yourself. For example, I had around 400 CD/DVD-disks. Most of them had very old, not usable software. Still I wanted to keep it. Why? I had no reason. I only thought: how can I keep it organized? So, I started creating lot of lists, but this was not working. Then I decided to install a Windows Server with a database and a website. In addition, I wanted to have a scanner and a label printer so that I could scan and update everything quicker for saving some time… Well, if I had thought more deliberate, then I would have thrown everything directly away. This had saved me even more time what I could spent in writing a book and be more around my family and friends. Things I now wish I had done more often.

The minimalists: The things you own end up owning you.

I don’t have these disks anymore and have thrown even more “useless stuff” away. And it feels so good! One thing however I don’t have good in order is my daily planning. Lately I started again making lot of lists, but so far nothing has worked. After listening a new podcast episode, I concluded that I need to write down all the things “I’m busy with…”. After that I could directly remove some “need to-do” from this list because it had no meaning or wasn’t relevant anymore. One thing however I get stuck with is social media. This is my way to communicate and it’s also my work as in promoting my blog and supporting people living a healthier lifestyle. Simply saying, I need to clean this up or at least I need to reorganize the way I’m using social media. But where do I have to start?
Last week I found a suitable solution I like to try. It is setting my blog as number one priority. Therefrom I shall post automatically to social media. At first, I was against this idea because I was afraid losing the personal touch. Quickly I realized that it will save me time what I can use for creating even better blogpost. Also, the meaning of social media is back: communicating, not broadcasting!

The minimalists: You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.

What I like to communicate is how it goes with me in Norway. Besides I want to communicate about how I’m losing weight. Of course, we can call or visiting each other more often. But everyone has its own schedule what makes it difficult, especially traveling between different countries. Therefore, I like the idea of social media a lot. People can read daily-live-updates anytime they want, but… As there is so many platforms to choose from, witch one should be used? Each platform has its own goal. If you like sharing photo’s than Instagram fits you probably better. So is Twitter better for sharing short text messages. I rather use Facebook because it has for me a good mixture of both. But mine choice may not be suitable for someone else. Therefore, it’s understandable for me if you someone only use one platform. And that’s why I will try start posting automatically. Then everyone can still follow me on their own favorite platform without the need creating multiple access to multiple platforms. In addition, I am trying to find a good e-mail solution for those who don’t have / want to have or whatever reason they can’t use social media.

I don’t like following others, I like to follow myself.

Yes, all together you can still see it as broadcasting, but I see it as opening easier ways to my blog. I could also choose not using social media or writing a blog at all. Spending time to other “useful things”. But first, what’s would be that “useful thing”? What’s imported for me might not be imported for someone else or the opposite way. Secondly, I see not using social media as depriving myself in communicating with others. And both these two points are another point of minimalism. It’s about being busy with that what’s giving you value, not just doing things you probably don’t like to get yourself busy.

The minimalists: Love people, use things. The opposite doesn’t work.

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